Cupcakes by Creationswithlittlea

So I am pretty sure that Elka likes chocolate…We had a craftanoon today with a bunch of  girlfriends, and one of the lovely ladies brought homemade cupcakes…mmm, delish orange chocolate delights, with amazing swirly ganach icing ( Elka sets eyes on them, and there is no way we can deny her. So we sit down with the bubbas and a cup of tea and the delicious cupcakes, and Elka enjoys every second of that chocolate extravaganza. The chocolate is in her hair, and on her toes.

Later on, we are eating lunch and the bubbas are doing their thang. Next thing, I look over and Elka is standing in her kitchen tower (lovingly constructed as a hardcore safety device for Elka to stand in whilst helping in the kitchen). She has helped herself to yet another cupcake. The evidence is all over her face.

Later still, we have been brave enough to bring out our craft supplies, and Elka kindly brings over a credit card belonging to one of the ladies. She then brings over her keys, and then she disappears around the corner quietly. Suddenly my friend leaps to her feet – “I just realised there is a block of chocolate in my bag!” Low and behold, Elka is sitting proud as punch munching on the block one square at a time.

Needless to say the rest of the afternoon wasn’t the relaxing craftanoon I had in mind. Without her sleep and high on cocoa, Elka buzzed around noisily, and apparently the mood was contagious. It was still a delightful day of course!

We have always been pretty flexible with Elka’s diet. She started with an avocado, and we have gone from there. She ate meat early on, and despite the advice of naturopathic friends, dairy, bread and eggs. I usually drew the line at sugar. My eczema is triggered by sugar, so I know it does something. We had the occasional lapse at a birthday party, and her little face would go a bit red, and her vivacious temperament would exacerbate.

And tonight, our usually happy little girl has been rolling around on the ground, crying and kicking her little legs. I think I may have to draw a harder line at sugar.