There have been so many changes over the last few weeks for Elka and I. Only about three weeks ago, I never thought I would be able to stop breastfeeding Elka. She was just so attached. And when I introduced the concept of “let’s do other things” she took to it swimmingly. As she did with sleeping through the night. My next challenge was actually getting Elka to sleep in the first place.

From rocking her for nearly an hour every night, bopping around Lismore with her in the hug-a-bub, walking countless hours with her in the pram, driving blocks of Alstonville singing to her in the car…and for the last year, lying up to an hour with her in the dark breastfeeding her to sleep. Most of the time, with Tizzy Hall ringing in my brain, I thought, this has to be ridiculous. And a part of me just knew that Elka was a different child. She couldn’t do that lying in her cot with a dummy thing. No way never. Her little body would fling itself across the room before that was going to happen.

But tonight, ladies and gents, as Leonard Cohen would say: Hallelujah. I tucked that little girl into my body, put on some Ali Farka Toure and softly danced her into a lull, at which point I laid her down into the bed and she FELL ASLEEP! It took five minutes!! I am then running around the room jumping up and down ecstatically (but silently as not to wake her). I seriously thought this moment would never come! I have had so much anxiety and sleep dilemma. Reading Tizzy Hall whilst pregnant certainly didn’t help. Nor did seeing other bubs lying asleep in their prams in the supermarket. But with patience, and my own set of sleep techniques, I have worked with Elka now for 18 months, and I think we have finally come to a mutual agreement.