There comes a day in every baby’s life when they have to pack their little spotted kerchief, sling it over their shoulder, and venture out  into the big wide world…and today was Elki’s day. Actually, I packed Elka’s lunch for her (please admire my oilcloth lunch bag, made with love last night, inspired by the crafty minx Kelly Doust), which included lots of banana, mandarin and of course cheeeese – and off she went.

Lunch Bag

Greg works all day Wednesday, my Mum is overseas, and I have to study internally this semester on a Wednesday…a friend offered to babysit, but I thought just maybe Elka might enjoy childcare for a day…She is very social, and she loves toys, so daycare would satisfy both these requirements. And besides, it would only be for a couple of hours.

So I checked out the occasional child care in Lismore on Friday with Elka. Elka had fun exploring and the ladies seemed very nice. It was a very friendly atmosphere. So this morning, breath abated, I dropped her off. I said good bye, she didn’t cry, just gave me one of her big wet kisses on the mouth, and off I went. I wasn’t gone long, so it was a good starting point. When I arrived back, even though she had missed her regular sleep time, she was very happy. The ladies said she was great the whole time, playing with the dollies, in the sandpit and reading books (no surprise there).

Big sigh of relief.

I had not thought I would be using child care so early. Although it means we are completely poor, I have chosen to be a stay at home mum, and I think I would miss Elka if she went away for the day. Also, I have heard the odd psycho tale about child care, for example, a lady on Nifty Mums Network shared that her child had been pinched by the carer and told to F*@king go to sleep…which is far from the nurturing parenting we aspire to…so I suppose I was a little apprehensive. But as it is, I have found a great option for us…Elka can go play for a few hours a week with other kids and new toys while I get stuff done, and it is very cheap and cheerful. And although Elka didn’t use her new lunch bag, it was a good day all round.