So I am not much of a baker…I like cooking, because I can haphazardly throw like-minded ingredients together in generous quantities. But the same method does not produce good results when baking. Past casualties include smoky brownies, sticky smooshy “friands” and a very bland and dry birthday cake for Elka when she turned one. But despite this, I persist.

Yesterday was Greg’s birthday, and if you can say anything about Gregie, it is that he loves cake. So as soon as the supermarket opened on that rainy rainy public holiday, Elka and I visited the baking aisle, and stocked up.

My attempt was a lemon cheese cake, and this time, by jove, I was going to stick to the recipe. I couldn’t let Greg down. I didn’t get around until cooking until Elka slept about 1pm, and only then did I realise that after cooking, there was a 6 hour wait in the fridge. Oops. It was ok though – an after dinner cake – or as for Greg, an instead of dinner cake. Which is good, because Elka would be in bed – she eats everything we do and I think one mouthful of this sugary cheesy cake would have been too hard for her to resist.

And the result…

Birthday Cake

Aesthetically, beautiful! I was very chuffed. It didn’t fall apart when I took it out of its tin. It didn’t collapse. And it tasted fantastic! The best cheese cake we have ever eaten. OK, it slopped into a sloppy pile when we served it up – but the taste was redeeming, and I have been given permission to bake it again. And Greg got to eat his cake for dinner.