One little pair of hands = one very handy helper.

Elka helps hang the clothes on the line…push the trolley with the clothes basket, and pull the clothes in again.

She stands on a chair, and helps prepare the dinner. Usually this means eating large quantities of “Cheeese”.

She loves sweeping…the broom is far too big for her, and she never gets a smidgen of dust into the dustpan, but it’s damn cute.

She helps fold the clothes…sitting in her highchair, and occasionally throwing a pair of undies on the floor, just for safe measure.

Speaking of floors, if she spills anything…she’s the first one down there with a rag, wiping the mess clean away.

Her favourite helping venture however is washing up. Luckily our sink looks over a very popular and prominent Alstonville walkway, and we have recently removed our protective shrubbery…so our neighbours often comment on how useful Elka seems! She is especially useful when she takes a ladle and fishes the water from one sink to the other…very very messy! But she cleans up afterwards, so all is forgiven.

I hope Elka will always be my little helper. I suspect not, though. Even now, her defiant spirit is creeping in and her innocent attempts to help occasionally transform into cheeky attempts to make a big mess. So I’ll enjoy it while it lasts…