In the lull between uni semesters, I am getting crafty.

There is a part of me that remains convinced that I am the crafty type. Whilst living in Melbourne, I was part of a craft-a-noon. We met very occasionally, and there was tea and crocheting (I believe it was my brother who was invited to teach us all the crochet!) and then craft-a-noon slowly became craft-once-in-a-blue-moon.

I sewed as a kid – I went to sewing classes instead of Brownies, and have been glad ever since for the skill of sewing an appliqué teddy bear onto a polka dot sweater is far more useful in life than tying a knot. Over the years I have attempted a number of projects, many of which have never reached fruition, and yet I remain committed to my crafty status.

When we moved to the Byron region, sewing and craft cemented a number of my friendships. It seemed everyone I had something in common with was a sewer or a crafter, so in November last year, I embarked on a mission to do a market stall – collaborate with all my lady folk who craft, and put together something splendid. Our Alstonville Mummy’s Market was splendid, though we sold one thing. And the further attempts to put together another stall were foiled, by rain, of course.

And as my interest in writing increased, as did my commitment to my studies, my belief in my crafting abilities slowly died. Until tonight – tonight, everyone, I whipped up not one by TWO babushka dolls all from the inspiration of my heart, from scraps of fabric that belonged to my grandma or to me. And here is the result…verdict? Cute…or just a little weird?!

Two little babushka dolls

I think I will leave the crafting to ladies with talent, like my lovely friend Miss Hannah Lea…you can see her website here: