It’s winter…and in winter, half of the residents of northern NSW relocate to Europe or somewhere warmer…which is indicative of the high expectation we have for quality of life. Most people from Melbourne visit Byron in winter from a reprieve from the cold. We should just count our blessings I suppose.

So for a month there, many of my regular partners in crime had absconded to far flung places across the globe, including my Mum who was in Bali for a month. I think I have explained previously that I am not much the stay at home mum. On the fews days a week Greg works, I frantically busy myself with social engagements and outings. We have had yoga on a Wednesday, the afternoon was usually spent at a friend’s place or at the park. Friday we would jet off to Ballina or somewhere equally as groovy, and have a walk along the river or something nice. So when many of my buddies were away, I found myself venturing uncharted waters and looking for new adventures.

I tried Mainly Music at the Uniting Church Hall – a half hour of boisterous singing and dancing, followed by morning tea. It was fun…a whole new group of people to get to know and I enjoyed watching Elka in the think of things, racing around with unfamiliar toys and other children. It was the closest she’s come to day care, and I think she had a good time.

The following Wednesday, we ventured farther afield, to a little school in Wyralla which really is in a field. It’s beautiful, looking over incredible scenery. A group of mothers meet there weekly. They have craft, and toys and morning tea. Again, it was nice to chat to a few new people, and allow Elka to explore a new environment.

I know if you are looking, there is a play group somewhere just about every day. Up until now, I have been spoiled by my fantastic mum’s group who meet weekly. So I haven’t felt the need to reach out and connect with other mums in the region. But this week was fun…and maybe next time my friends flee the continent, I will go back and try a different group. Just for the experience.