(8th May 2011)

I regret to say, I never bought my mother a present on Mother’s Day. I’m not even sure my Dad spoilt mum on our behalf. Maybe he was a bit like my own husband – a bit too pragmatic to see the value of flowers and breakfast in bed.

Last Mother’s Day was the first for me. Greg stayed in bed, and luckily I was staying with an old friend who gave me a bunch of flowers. Because Greg is a foreigner, the tradition of Mother’s Day passed him by. I bemoaned the fact for the proceeding 364 days, and then yesterday, all wrongs were righted (?) and I had a beautiful day, beginning with a thoughtful gift, including a massage voucher, and heading out to the market to buy whatever I set my heart on. I then spent the rest of the day with friends for a first birthday, so it was a very mother-centric day.
Of course Mother’s Day could be rolled into all those commercial days, like Easter, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. But like all those commercial days, Mother’s Day has its un-commercial value. It’s a day for mothers to feel thanked. To feel all their efforts are acknowledged. To have a sleep in, and read the paper, and do whatever it is being a mother has prevented them from doing every other day of the year. So to all those beautiful mothers I know, I hope you received your dues, and enjoyed being spoilt. I know I did.