(21st April 2011)

I love who my baby is becoming. A little lady who:

  • Walks around with such confidence and lack of inhibition
  • Who explores the world with open-eyed fascination
  • Who becomes absorbed in the smallest things, like grains of sand
  • Who insists on drawing the chair over to help with with the washing up, dolly in one arm
  • Who pulls the clothes off the drying rack and very helpfully places them in the washing basket on her own accord
  • Who cheekily pulls all the freshly folded clothes out of the wardrobe
  • Who insists on reading the same book over and over again, and gets particularly fixated with certain pages
  • Who understands nearly everything I say
  • Who kisses me on the lips with conviction
  • Who says “Bye” following every kiss
There are a million things I could list…but these are some that stood out today. A little baby becoming a lady and filling our lives with utter joy.