(22nd April 2011)

I am still breastfeeding my baby girl at 16months, and no that’s not the contentious part. In my part of the world, that seems incredibly normal! What is contentious, is that because I am breastfeeding (maybe, I am only hypothesising here) baby girl refuses to be fed any other food by me. My partner is awesome at making sure food gets in her mouth, but for whatever reason, I get a “Nah” and a little hand pushes the food away. I have tried lots of things…Sitting down and eating myself, to encourage her to do the same. Following her around with a bit of food and trying surreptitiously to sneak it into her mouth. Spoon feeding. Talking positively about food with her. Keeping meal times calm and focussed.

Maybe it’s cos I have the milk, or maybe it’s just I don’t have the knack. Either way, it’s always a contentious issue.