When I was pregnant, a library fell into my lap. There were books for baby sleeping, Buddhism practice for Mothers, how to swaddle a newborn and swing it to calm oblivion, comic relief from pregnancy… To be honest, I didn’t read any of them fully…just dipped in and out, got a sense, and then put it on my bookshelf in my pregnancy/baby reference section.
There are sooooo many baby books out there – how does one decide which one is the right one? Trial and error, I guess.
Recently, after an awful night of waking every hour or so, I rushed onto ebay and bought three books which I had been recommended for sleeping babies. I was desperate, and needy. I needed a fix, a quick one, fast.
Eagerly, I opened the ‘Baby Whisperer’ by Tracey Hogg, its precious cover eliciting promises of cures and solutions. I flicked quickly to the chapter called SLEEP, and read. My heart sank. Her opening passage was a case study of “mistaken parenting”, or some term to that affect. The case study could have been me…With sadness, and then anger, I smacked the book shut, and put it straight back on ebay so as not to waste a cent on such cruelty. This book, needless to say, is not for me.
Nor is ‘Up the Duff’ – funny, but I didn’t need such detail at every stage of my pregnancy. I’d rather enjoy what was happening to my body and my baby through psychic communication.
Nor is ‘The Happiest Baby on The Block’ – some good tips for some babies, but by no means a solution for all. And I found most of the author’s recommendations were things I did naturally.
Nor is ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution’ – any book that gives me instructions for how to get my baby to sleep without a sleep aid is not for me.
I did like ‘Sleeping like a Baby’ by Pinky McKay. It was very kind, and made the new mother feel good about life, by being generous, and supportive, instead of offering impossible advice.
And ‘Buddhism for Mothers’ was a good start to my life as a mother, giving me wisdom, patience and acceptance – all essential tools of the trade.
I would like to read ‘Heart to Heart Parenting’ – it sounds like a book that would ring true for me.
Anyway, this is my book list – every mothers will be different, depending on your needs, your personality and your preferences.
Just one warning: A book should not make you feel horrible! If it does, don’t read it!