(4th May, 2011)

Why can’t I be as tidy as my temporary Spanish house guest, Juliana? If I could change anything about myself, I would be as tidy as a Spanish grandma!

My brother’s girlfriend and her grandmother are staying with us for a few days, and it is heavenly! They are such lovely company…and they insist on helping with all the washing, the washing up. And today, I came home to an immaculate house, including a beautifully clean bathroom. This is all heaven to me!!
You see, cleanliness is not my forte. I feel like I am forever tidying, and yet nothing seems to get tidier. And I admit it, with cleaning I take the path of least resistance.
I clean the bathroom only when absolutely necessary, and not once a week, as I know people do.
I gave up vacuuming every week, because I hate it so, and bought a little mechanical carpet sweeper, so I can just whizz around very quickly, and not have to haul the bloody vacuum out of the cupboard.
I NEVER wash windows. OK, I did it once, but only because we moved into my Grandma’s old house, and I don’t think they’ve been done for years!
Toilet… don’t even ask.
Dishes, I get out of mostly, as Greg is a very good husband, and conveniently I always have study to do after dinner.
Washing stays clean and tried in the basket for days, and maybe once a week, I get around to folding. I never iron.
The contents of my house are purposely set up in a series of baskets. The idea is to chuck everything as I go into any old basket, and voila, things kind of look tidy.
So when my adopted Spanish Grandma comes to stay, I am astounded at how clean and tidy things can be! Surfaces sparkle! It’s quite incredible.
When my own blood grandma once said to me, in a slightly provocative way, “You’re lovely Zanni, but you are very messy. Even your own mother agrees,” I was so upset with her rudeness, and her hide. But I guess she did have a point. And some comments hurt most when they ring true.
Oh, how I wish I had that same gene, that gene that cares enough to make things sparkle! Oh how I wish my adopted Spanish Grandma never had to leave!