A new year…well it’s nearing the end of February…so shoot me! I am a mum, and I just never get round to this blogging business.

How things have moved along. Elka is 1 now – she is not yet walking alone, that often. She can, but she just chooses to grab our hand any opportunity she can to assist her. And why not?! This is one milestone amongst many, including:
– Eats with a spoon (occasionally, and very messily!)
– Throws food on the floor (a spin off from using a spoon)
– Talks (babbles)
– Says most animal noises (moo, baa, roar, eeeoohh [elephant], eee ooo [monkey], meow, woof woof…the list goes on)
– Climbs on everything, including very tall play gyms
– Destroys sandcastles (made by other people)
– Sits on adult furniture (looking very pleased with one’s self)
– Digs in the garden
– Draws (gesturing with a pen)
– Blows bubbles in the water
– Throws a ball
– Says the word “ball”

And so on and so forth. It is amazing how much a child learns in a day. And I am sure as they grow, the learning capacity grows.

And as the new year becomes, well, old hat really, we have decided to revisit our ultra relaxed parenting ways and introduce an element of structure into our routines. Now I wouldn’t say we are creating a monster – rather an angel – but I am starting to see how a lack of clear boundaries equals a tumultuous and unnecessarily messy life. Our new boundaries are simple: When Elka eats, she needs minimal distractions, such as cutlery, or empty cups. She gets to sole attention of at least one parent until a reasonable portion of her meal is finished. After dinner, she can play, and draw etc. then shower, then read, then bed. For most parents, this probably sounds normal…we had always eaten as a family, and whilst Elka had always been an excellent eater, we were detecting a slight demise in focus – cutlery, food and empty cups were being flung across the verandah, and very little food was going in the trap. Then there would be a bit of a fit, then a struggle to bath, and go to bed. Anyway, tonight, after a little serenading on the guitar from Daddy, we had a peaceful and beautiful evening…

The start of more to come.