(27th April 2011)

I love where I live. It’s the perfect place to raise a family, bar the rather dire job prospects, but most of us make do with what we can – part time work from home, bits and bobs etc.

I think the Easter weekend really summed up all I love about this place, and my life in general.
I spent Saturday with Elka and my parents in Byron Bay, in amidst a million others. The sun shone gaily, the sea was crystal clear, and there was a special market along the broadwalk beside the beach. My brother Dylan was playing his second gig in Rockin’ Seeds, who were supporting the splendid market atmosphere. I bumped into friends and other family members, Elka rocked out, and ran around in her nappy in the sunshine, and my parents bought me coffee. It was great. Saturday night, we spent drinking and getting happy with my parents, which was one of the best nights I have spent with Mum and Dad since I moved back to the area. Then Sunday, we went out to a friend’s house in the hinterland for a picnic. Children ran around amongst the chickens, the food was divine, and a koala sat in a nearby gum, placidly munching on leaves.
Fortunately for me, Easter wasn’t a long weekend from an arduous job. But it was still lovely, as family were around, and I caught some of the Blues Fest/Easter weekend vibe in Byron, which always leaves me with a scent of travel and all things free and exciting. The buzz of possibility. The hum of the place I call home.