(27th April 2011)

Today I felt a shade of greyish blue. There are a number of reasons for this – that time of the month etc etc. But rain rain RAIN is one of them. Living on the north coast of NSW has its beauties and its benefits. We have the ocean at our heels, the sandy beaches, the colourful folk of Byron Bay, the fabulous north coast craft markets every weekend. But none of these things are much good if it’s RAINING! I sound spoilt – and I guess I am, but there are puddles everywhere, the backyard is like gravy and most importantly, days home with babies get very dull…and so, that is how we found ourselves at Playquest Lismore – the only thing to do with kids when everything else is soggy and wet.

This place is pretty amazing. It’s all indoors, covered in coloured vinyl from ceiling to floor, and net so children can’t fall through gaps or down stairs etc. There are jumping castles and a pool of coloured balls. There is a cafe, and mums and dads sit around with bowls of hot chips and tomato sauce which children bounce off walls and throw balls at each other.
Bringing Elka here is an interesting experience. It’s not entirely a pious decision – more a practical one, but we don’t have TV. Elka is instead content to pour through books and certain pages get her heart rate going in a way that I’m sure watching TV would quell. Seeing Elka at Playquest – stare with wide eyed fascination as children go CRAZY! makes me wonder if this is the sort of stimulation kids get places other than Playquest.
By the end of an hour, Elka was exhausted, and fell asleep within moments on my lap. Maybe if we did have a TV, Elka would slowly habituate to this heightened stimulation. But maybe if this rain continues, Elka will habituate to Playquest, which I am guessing is kind of the same thing!